Tom Morton Consulting

Work with Computers not Against Them

Whether your Company needs a large network set-up or just print and file sharing capabilities, we can handle any situation. Give us a call or setup a meeting to discuss any and all of your technical needs. Below is a list of some of the main services we provide:


Tom Morton Consulting will guide you through the complicated task of purchasing and installing networks, upgrades, and other technology related items.


Including designing, installing and maintaining peer to peer and client server networks using Microsoft Windows., or Novell NetWare.


We offer full technical support for computer systems including maintenance, upgrades, administration, security, disaster recovery and back-up planning. We can set up a remote access to allow us to connect to your system and allow us to diagnose or fix an issue from our office.


We specialize in connecting a company to the internet or external intranet in a variety ways. We can set-up all mail applications and file sharing systems..


We can provide you with customized training on your operating systems and software. Whether you just need help in understanding your network system, or you need in depth training in the Microsoft Office Suite, we can help.


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